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Ochirly Implements POSTEK Printers to Realize Efficient Logistics Management

As a leading brand of mid-to-high-end dresses, Ochirly not only focuses on the product itself, but also prioritizes modern warehouse logistics. Ochirly realized that fast, accurate and efficient warehouse logistics would help their growing business, so they invested in information management hardware and software.

Ochirly is extremely popular in the female clothing market, and targets mature, confident, independent, noble and generous women as its potential consumers. Since they went public in 1999, Ochirly has been developing at an amazing speed in the Chinese market. They have over 160 franchises in more than 60 major cities in China and generated ¥250,000,000’s in less than three years, during which Ochirly succeeded in building an international brand image in the Chinese female clothing market.

Clothes have changeable and various styles, which are always ordered in limited quantities. Therefore, Ochirly needs a strong logistics network to enable timely and accurate delivery.
Since quality can directly manifest brand attraction and positioning, Ochirly pays close attention to all the details of its products, including product design, fabric and craftwork, circulationand distribution, packaging and wash/care labels, and even the decor of franchises.

Warehousing distribution plays an important role in product circulation. Automated information management can help enterprises properly arrange delivery and expand market size, as well as improve market share.

Located at Guangzhou, the logistics department of Ochirly takes charge of storage and shipment of products in hundreds of franchises and shoppes all over China. Since the turnover rate of clothes is high, products need to be put into the market as soon as possible after production.

During production and shipment, bulk, fast, accurate and professional printing are desired for clothing tags, package labels, shipping documents and customer service cards. Barcodes on labels, which usually contain information of products, stores and shipment, can help enterprises keep track of products and ensure the quantity and time of delivery. When clothes arrive at franchises, the clothing tags can realize the POS function.

Since they went public in 1999, Ochirly has been developing at an amazing speed by setting up over 160 franchises in more than 60 major cities in China. With the expansion of business, large quantities of products are discharging from the warehouse every day, for which Ochirly employs sophisticated information management of storage and distribution to improve business efficiency.

With the help of Postek label printers, which enable automatically cut, high quality, quick printed labels, the logistics department of Ochirly deploys effective and efficient printing of customer service cards, courier receipts and shipping lists.

Together with its agents, Postek provided Ochirly with an excellent printing solution. Postek G3000 label printers, featuring accurate paper detection and high quality, quick printing labels, perfectly meet the demands of Ochirly. In addition, Postek’s R&D department satisfied Ochirly’s requirement of auto cutting after each printing, even when the number of labels printed is not a fixed amount.

As the fastest developing female clothing brand in China, Ochirly consistently improves its strength by mining customers’ needs, intensifying management and increasing efficiency. The employment of Postek label printers in logistics distribution is a great example of Ochirly’s commitment to quality manufacturing and distribution. We believe that information technology and barcode technology will play an increasingly important role in the clothing industry in the future.

About Ochirly

Originated from Italy, Ochirly was successfully brought to China by Ochirly (HK) Group in September, 1999. Since then, Ochirly has been developing at an amazing speed by setting up over 160 franchises in more than 60 major cities in China. It attracts mature, confident and elegant modern ladies all over the world by combining unique classic, elegant style with liberalism.

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