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Barcode Printing Solutions for Asset Tracking Over Multiple Locations

Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is one of China’s four state commercial banks; an important part of the country’s financial system. Due to consistent growth, ABC needed to incorporate an automated asset tracking solution. ABC implemented Postek label printers throughout their branches in 2006. In 2007, ABC was named a Fortune Global 500 Company by Fortune magazine.

Business Issue
The Agricultural Bank of China, experiencing rapid growth, sought a viable solution for their faulty asset tracking problem. Their method of asset tracking was, to a great extent, manual, and the inefficiency of this non-automated method was taking its toll with increased errors and extra labor. With over 40 branches, international offices, and more than 450,000 employees, the bank’s responsibility of extreme accuracy in asset tracking led them to seek a solution that integrated their networks, automated and optimized the tracking process, significantly reduced errors, and improved overall efficiency.

To meet targeted asset tracking goals, ABC decided to use barcode labels which would be scanned by handheld barcode readers integrated with the bank’s asset and inventory database.

The bank needed small footprint barcode printers for their branch locations, and needed printers that produced quality labels, quickly. Many managers and employees would be required to use the printers; therefore, ABC was looking for user-friendly operations. After conducting a thorough exploration of several leading solution providers, ABC selected Postek as their barcode printer supplier.

Postek’s general purpose barcode printer model, the G-2108, and Postek’s compact model, the C168, were selected for ABC’s various needs. To date, over 700 barcode label printers were incorporated into their branches throughout 11 cities.

Known for its compact structure with industrial strength, Postek’s G-2108 barcode label printer features two types of media sensors: Reflective (adjustable), and Transmissive, providing for a wider range of media choices since these sensors enable the printer to print to both opaque and translucent labels. Additionally, Postek’s unique patented Convective Heat Transfer (CHT) design, incorporated on the G-2108 model, transfers the motor’s heat away from the printer, enabling continuous, long print runs without sacrificing print quality. The G-2108 printer design accommodates up to 300 meters of ribbon and 120 meters of media, capacity usually found in larger sized printers.

Many of ABC branches received Postek’s C168 compact model. This printer provided for the smallest desktop footprint, yet still accommodates up to 360 meters of ribbon and over 100 millimeters of media. With ultra easy set-up and outstanding quality, this printer provided the value ABC desired.

To roll out the solution effectively, Postek implemented 3 days of product training to branches in the Guangdong Province. For additional support, Postek designed and implemented video based training.

About Postek
From the Company’s inception in 1998, Postek has listened to customer and industry needs and has put focus on R&D to provide the right solutions. The result: Postek has become a leading barcode manufacturer producing top of class high-performing printers with little to no maintenance needs, wide media choices, and ultra easy operations. Postek barcode printers have become the optimal choice for many corporations in such diverse fields as apparel, logistics, retail, healthcare and supply chain management, as well as government agencies such as postal services and libraries.

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